An Ode to Recovery from Developmental Trauma

An Ode to Recovery from Developmental Trauma

By Colby Pearce

What happened to me, I cannot tell,

To make me think that life is hell.

That drugs and alcohol must stay,

To take the fear and pain away.

And artifice, my friend inside,

to help my needs be satisfied.

On you I know I can’t depend,

You make me vulnerable again.


What happened to you, I can say this,

You were a babe when needs were missed.

When world was filled with fear and pain,

When parents left, rare seen again.

When those who took upon your care,

Were one by one led to despair.

And ignorance it sealed your fate,

Admonition, rejection, no abate.


But I know you, I’ve trod your path,

By no means has my life been harsh.

But fate has led to many like you,

And hardship lent understanding too.

And walked with them, so have I done,

And been of aid to more than some.

Through sensitivity, understanding and with fun,

We’ll disperse the clouds to reveal the sun.

About colbypearce

I am a Clinical Psychologist and author who assists children and familes overcome adversity and experience strong and secure attachment relationships.
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