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Colby Pearce - AttachmentI am a Clinical Psychologist, author and developer of therapeutic (re-) parenting programs. Across more than twenty-five years I have contributed to professional and community knowledge and practice in the areas of teen mental health and suicide prevention, childhood attachment and resilience, psychological intervention with children who have experienced abuse, neglect and family/relationship trauma, and trauma-informed care. My current projects include the implementation of the Triple-A Model of Therapeutic Care among TUSLA (Child and Family Agency) general and relative foster carers in Donegal, Ireland, and the implementation of the CARE Therapeutic Framework in the South Australian Kinship Care Program. I am the author of two books, including A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder (2009, 2016) and A Short Introduction to Promoting Resilience in Children (2011). My 1994 publication Predicting Suicide Attempts Among Adolescents contributed to a nationwide General Practitioner education and awareness program concerning adolescent suicidality. I am regularly called upon to speak publicly to parents and professionals about attachment, resilience and trauma-informed care. I am married with three children.

I am available to consult locally and internationally in relation to the therapeutic care of children recovering from early adversity, including abuse, neglect and disability. I am also available to consult regarding the provision of support services to the carers of these children.

For more information about my suitability for these roles visit http://securestart.com.au/further-information-about-colby/

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