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This blog-site incorporates a collection of postings about ideas and experiences that I have had as a father, as a Clinical Psychologist who works with children and their caregivers, and as a writer of accessible and practical books about caring for children. It provides me with a forum to express myself with words, which is a longstanding passion. It also provides me with a forum to promote my work as a writer and Clinical Psychologist. As in all aspects of human endeavour, my efforts are partly selfish and partly altruistic; though I hold the belief that only those without a conscience can truly commit a selfless act but are unlikely to do so anyway! While it is anticipated that the content of this blog will prove to be informative for those who care for children, it is not a substitute for a full assessment and face-to-face support and guidance from an appropriately trained and experienced child development and mental health clinician.

Happy reading!

2 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Hi Colby,
    I wondered if you might be able to point me to some accessible information on the impact to a young child in losing their primary attachment figure?
    Anything would be helpful

    • colbypearce says:

      Hi Rose,
      Nothing springs immediately to mind. The general attachment information concerning insecurity is relevant. Maybe Jessica Kinglsey Publishers have published something relevant? All the best. Colby

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