More than positive thinking and a resilient mindset

Attachment and Resilience

Colby Pearce ResilienceA child’s resilience requires more than just a “resilient mindset” or “positive thinking”. It requires deeply-held and profound beliefs, formed during infancy and early childhood, that they are a good and capable and deserving person, that adults in a care and management role will be accessible, understanding, responsive and emotionally-connected, and that the world is a safe and nurturing place full of many exciting possibilities. It also requires optimal levels of physiological arousal, such that the child is better able to perform at their best and experience success and mastery. Moreover, it requires a preparedness to explore the world unencumbered by a concern with accessing unmet or inconsistently met universal human needs. These are the core premises of A Short Introduction to Promoting Resilience in Children.

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About colbypearce

I am a Clinical Psychologist and author who assists children and familes overcome adversity and experience strong and secure attachment relationships.
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