Strengths-based therapeutic foster care

Triple-A is an approach to the therapeutic care of children that emphasises human connection. It is relational, practical and rooted in conventional caregiving practices. As such, it is an enrichment programme, as opposed to a wholesale alternative to conventional caregiving and relating. It is also strengths-based. A core premise is that people already do and know about the importance of the approaches recommended; albeit on an implicit (that is, semi-conscious) level. In Triple-A, we make therapeutic aspects of caregiving and relating conscious and organise them so that they are implemented mindfully and predictably with children.

Triple-A is not just a set of strategies. It incorporates a way of thinking about, caring about and relating with children. It also incorporates self-care strategies to support the caregivers.

Triple-A is represents a fusion of Attachment Theory, Neurobiology and Learning Theory. It’s broad applicability is represented in the author’s published works concerning attachment and trauma and the promotion of resilience in all children.

There is a five-module training package – spanning 2.5 days of training. Triple-A is available as a group training and implementation programme.

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About colbypearce

I am a Clinical Psychologist and author who assists children and familes overcome adversity and experience strong and secure attachment relationships.
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