Tackling Childhood Neglect

I first met the author, Lynne Peyton, in Perth, Australia, in February 2016. Lynne initiated contact with me in follow-up to a speaking engagement I delivered at the Child Wellbeing Centre in Castleblayney, Ireland, the previous October. Since the connection was made Lynne has been a reliable source of support and encouragement as I have laboured to bring my therapeutic programmes to a broader audience. Lynne is well known and widely respected consultant and leadership coach in social care, child protection and social welfare. I was happy to review her book, and my review appears on Amazon.com.au. This is what I wrote:

Tackling Childhood NeglectThis instructive call to action is presented in a highly readable and accessible style. It is worthwhile as an orientation to this major aspect of child protection and social care practice for beginning professionals and as an accompaniment to strong reflective practice among those more experienced in this important social endeavour. The book offers clear and unequivocal guidance, based on the author’s extensive professional experience. Educators and other professionals who interact with children are also likely to find this to be a useful resource.

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Tackling Childhood Neglect   


Tackling Childhood Neglect   


Tackling Childhood Neglect

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I am a Clinical Psychologist and author who assists children and familes overcome adversity and experience strong and secure attachment relationships.
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