Kinship CARE Project Carer Handbook

The Kinship CARE Project is a dedicated endeavour to support kinship carers in South Australia who are looking after children for whom the Department for Child Protection has an authority to place. The Kinship CARE Project has been implementing for the past 18 months, to 18 carer groups in 13 metropolitan and five regional locations.

The Kinship CARE Project offers training in therapeutic care of children recovering from a tough start to life. It is specifically tailored to Kinship Carers. Interactive and informative, the training demonstrates how to enrich relational connection with children in kinship care and support their recovery from a tough start to life. Participants develop a therapeutic care plan for their home that fits with their circumstances and the individual characteristics of each child in their care. The Kinship CARE Project training is strengths based and offers a practical approach to self-care, in support of participant wellbeing and success in performing the caregiving role.

For a limited time, I am offering organisations that support kinship carers access to the Kinship CARE Project Carer Handbook via PDF download. It is anticipated that access to the Carer Handbook will support consideration and decision-making with respect to engaging me for an implementation project with kinship carers. The price of this inspection copy of the Kinship CARE Project handbook will be deducted from the price of an implementation project.

The Handbook can be purchased via the link below. For more information about the Kinship CARE Project, click here.

Kinship CARE Project Carer Handbook

Buy it now and I will email your personalised copy of the Carer Handbook (Please allow up to 2 business days for us to respond to your payment).


Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse a purchase and refund the purchase price in instances where I consider that the Handbook may be used without appropriate acknowledgement of authorship or otherwise used to the detriment of my capacity to carry out my usual professional activities.

About colbypearce

I am a practising Clinical Psychologist with twenty-seven years’ experience working with children and young people recovering from abuse and neglect. I am also an author and educator in trauma-informed, therapeutic caregiving. My programs are implemented in Australia and Ireland, and I am well-known for my practical and accessible guidance for caregivers and professionals alike.
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