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Punishment without understanding equals invalidation

People do not act for no reason. They may act in response to an idea. They may act in response to an emotion. They may act in response to a need that requires satisfaction. They may act because the way … Continue reading

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Assessing Suicide Risk

Youth suicide remains a major public health concern of our time. Few things are more tragic than a young life cut short. Compounding the tragedy of youth suicide is the fact that suicide among young people is a permanent solution … Continue reading

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In order to be heard we first need to listen

I think a lot about the concept of validation; and its antithesis, invalidation. In psychological terms, validation incorporates the experience that our thoughts, feelings, perspectives and intentions are understood, accepted and respected by significant others. Conversely, invalidation incorporates the experience … Continue reading

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The Library Book Series

Dear visitors to, and followers of, this site. The Library Book now has a new home: http://thelibrarybookblog.wordpress.com/ It would be a source of validation to The Library Book if you would come across and visit, like and comment. Thank you in anticipation.

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