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What’s in a name? A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder

What’s in a name? The image above was taken six years ago. Sadly, I don’t look quite the same these days! I am photographed, here, with the second edition (published December 2016) of one of my books, which was first … Continue reading

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What attachment security looks like

In the first blog of this series about child welfare intervention outcomes, I wrote about the importance of knowing, and being able to say, what progress toward successful outcomes looks like. In this second blog of the series, I will … Continue reading

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Why does my child smile when I am angry?

Smiling when you are angry is not necessarily a sign that the child or young person in your care is feeling self-satisfied and smug. Many children and young people who are recovering from a tough start to life due to abuse and neglect are unsettled by heightened emotion in adults. For them, it is associated with something bad happening. Continue reading

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