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Parental Trust Post Trauma

Parental “trust” post-trauma What follows is an allegory that forms part of how I help young people understand parental care and protection and reframe “they no longer trust me” narratives following a traumatic event. This is a story about a little … Continue reading

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Child Protection Reflections

Some reflections on child protection . . . The requirement that children be protected from abuse, neglect and interpersonal trauma is conceptually simple and beyond reproach. Child protection in practice is not-so-simple. Child protection in practice requires the community to … Continue reading

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Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher. I do not know what words to use to express my thoughts and feelings so I asked my psychologist to help me with this letter. I feel unsafe at school. People bother me. Especially when they are doing … Continue reading

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Suicide prevention: the trouble with RUOK?

Suicide prevention is a worthy undertaking. Much credit must be given to those who endeavour to raise the profile of suicide prevention and its correlate, mental health promotion. The RUOK? campaign that seeks to raise community awareness and prevent possible … Continue reading

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